We Pave The Way For Future Generations


Our mission is BIG!   We improve the lives of young children, their families and communities!

How do we do this?

  • We find the right spaces, primarily in underserved neighborhoods, to create high-quality early learning facilities where Head Start providers and other non-profit early learning providers can provide free and/or reduced rates high-quality early education to young children, birth to five.
  • We work with established, qualified early learning programs throughout metro Atlanta to help address maintenance and capital projects through grant opportunities.

We do this by:

  • Working with pre-qualified non-profit early care providers, evaluating space needs & program expansion and or maintenance needs
  • Finding the perfect buildings & spaces to renovate into high-quality, nurturing, safe early learning environments
  • Raising the capital funds for the purchase, construction and/or renovations
  • Leasing back to providers at below-market rates and utilizing the rent proceeds to reinvest back into the facilities by providing the maintenance and future capital needs to ensure continued quality space
  • Raising grant funds through our Quality Facilities Initiative (QFI) to help existing centers and providers address maintenance projects they have not been able fund, handling the projects from beginning to end on behalf of the awarded providers

Quality early learning facilities and programs are key factors in preparing young children to be Ready to Learn and Ready to Succeed as they enter the K-12 educational system, giving them the same opportunity as their more advantaged peers.

Find out how you can help make a great difference in the lives of young children, especially those most-at-risk and underserved, to be READY to LEARN and READY to SUCCEED in their educational journey.

Contact us today and learn how you can be a partner with ELPM and its very important mission.

Our Mission

ELPM transforms early childhood learning and development in underserved communities.

We do this by building and maintaining high-quality, safe facilities, as well as enhancing existing centers.

Core Values


We are dedicated to continue building and expanding access to enriching, safe environments that provide high-quality early learning programs, family outreach initiatives and that instill a sense of safety, nurturing and caring to support every child’s development, especially for those most at risk.


We are committed to continue providing ongoing maintenance of the facilities to ensure the centers remain safe and secure spaces for the delivery of positive early learning experiences in order to give children the opportunity to be ready to learn, ready to succeed and ready to become lifelong leaders.


We are devoted to continue building and developing strong collaborations in the early learning arena to help bridge the educational achievement gap that starts before kindergarten and continue to empower childcare providers with the opportunity to deliver high-quality programs in rich learning environments.


We are focused to continue accomplishing the ELPM mission and believe integrity is the foundation of a dependable, responsible organization which promotes effective relationships and trustworthy stewardship of its funding resources.

“Sharing a commitment to quality education for all, ELPM and the Y have worked seamlessly to ensure that our facilities are designed and constructed to our shared high standards. Having our centers in such great condition sets the stage that allows our teachers and students to thrive in an environment that is bright and welcoming, clean and safe, and highly conducive to learning and exploring.”

Lauren Koontz, President/CEO
YMCA of Metro Atlanta